Highlights from ThingMonk 2017 “Ten Reasons Why Your IoT Project Will Fail.”


Yodit Stanton presented “Ten Reasons Why Your IoT Project Will Fail” in a well-attended session at ThingMonk 2017. Here are some highlights.

The first is that successful IoT deployments are going to be transformational on team productivity.

IoT will transform how teams and work groups operate by making their environments more responsive, how firms operate by allowing them to use their physical infrastructure more efficiently. Sensor networks are a means to greater self-awareness and responsiveness giving not only rooms, but buildings and cities more complex and intelligently reactive nervous systems.

At OpenSensors we spend a lot of time thinking and preparing for sensor deployments successfully so that the data they provide enables our customers to manage and utilize the physical infrastructure supporting their employees more efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to create more productive and healthier workplaces. Our business model is not predicated on selling large volumes of sensors but on helping our customers manage IoT networks and the data they provide.

The second is that to design, deploy, provision, and operate an IoT network takes more than a couple of talented data scientists.  

The software industry has spent the last two decades making it very easy to deploy software as a service application: software gliding on abstract virtual environments that have become friction free. IoT is not SaaS: you cannot ignore the physical nature of IoT, and with that physicality comes the need to manage inventory, logistics, and supply chains. Because many networks contain new components or new software and we will combine a thorough site preparation inspection with an off site staging of the network to simplify trouble shooting and ensure on-time delivery of a fully functional IoT network.

It takes a multi-disciplinary team of complementary experts who collaborate and hold each other accountable. You need hardware people, software people, networking specialists, QA people, project managers, and people skilled in managing supply chains and logistics. OpenSensors has assembled a multi-disciplinary team because we are promising the delivery of an operational network composed of complex and rapidly evolving hardware and software components.

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