OpenSensors.io aggregates data from a variety of sensors for the next generation of smart Building Management Systems. With real estate at a premium and usually one of a company’s largest expenses, whether planning a new office or updating existing office space, understanding how your employees use their current surroundings is essential in creating your most effective and efficient work environment. Our dashboards help you make the most of your space. Our team has helped more than 100 companies combine data from new workplace sensors seamlessly, interoperating it with existing and familiar mobile and desktop systems for a fully comprehensive overview.

Currently, OpenSensors process over 10 million sensor messages per day from customers in Europe and North America. Additionally, OpenSensors operates the world’s largest repository of air quality data. This air quality data is being used internationally by companies to help create and maintain healthier buildings as companies adopt the WELL building standard. Air quality data is combined with data from existing building management systems and occupancy data for a full view of what is happening.

to find out more https://www.opensensors.com/